December 19, 2017

#Freebie, Sales, & New Release - #MIND: The Fracture is here!

To celebrate the new release of MIND: The Fracture, I have a Freebie and a couple of sales for you!!

The MIND Series had a rocky start. My original publisher for the series had some behind the scenes issues that left me feeling disregarded as an author. There were minor, quick fixes I felt were needed as both me and several editors missed a BIG error in the VERY FIRST LINE of the book!! (I'm a terrible speller. #truestory) Anyway, I was in the middle of Book 2, The Emergence and after all the drama went down, I didn't want to finish and sell them the next book. As it so happened, that publisher closed and I had already found Tiva Boon a home and asked my new publisher to take a chance on this weird cross-genre romance.

She did!

Six books later, and The Fracture is here. 👽

I want to send a special shout out THANK YOU to my awesome readers, without you I wouldn't have gone this far with the story. Your feedback and constructive reviews have made me a better writer. To all my friends, family, and author friends, thanks for always listening and helping and sharing! 💗

Sanjeeta Desai never thought anything would come of her promise to monitor the psychic population around town. Then two members of an online chat group go missing and one of her employees doesn’t show up for work. Using her unique gifts to investigate, Sanjeeta is shocked to learn the employee is missing and a psychic, too. When she contacts her mysterious benefactor to report the findings, she’s thrust into a dangerously complicated situation she may be key to solving.

Caelum has spent the last two thousand years watching and protecting the Earth and all its inhabitants. Since saving the planet and the MIND team during the Reckoning, Caelum has kept his distance until Dina Ranger’s dream infects a majority of the group. While tracing the source of the dream and the consequences it brings, Caelum meets Sanjeeta, the most powerful psychic he’d ever encountered and possibly the only person who can quiet his mind so he can stay focused and assist the team.

As pieces of the dream unravel and MIND begins to fall apart, Caelum and Sanjeeta grow closer despite the chaos surrounding them while the past, present, and future collide with deadly and cosmic implications that will alter the course of Human history forever. ON SALE NOW!


Caelum sighed, turning to the woman. “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, Sanjeeta. I know how difficult it is, stepping into this world. Perhaps I’m too forthcoming and blunt, a failing of my class.”

“I disagree, ignorance is far more destructive. Overwhelmed or not, I appreciate the truth,” she said, extending her hand. “Thank you for your candor.”

Smiling, he clasped her hand and his heart skipped. All of the voices in the corners of his mind, the energy and vibrations and emotions and thoughts of the people on this planet that he fought constantly to keep locked in the back of his mind, softened.

Her eyes flashed silver. Sanjeeta quivered and tightened her grip around his fingers as she swayed.

He steadied her with a hand to the shoulder, marveling in the lack of noise in his head. Caelum thought the chances of finding another connection like this was impossible given the strength of his mind.

When she set her hand on his chest and gazed into his eyes, her breathing hitched and temperature rose tremendously beneath his grasp. “What is this?”

“Something I never thought I’d find again.” He smiled, unable to look away. “For now, think of it as the beginning of a new friendship. The last thing I want is to confuse you further. You should go home, rest. I assure you the team will contact you the moment they find information to help your friends.”

Her fingers twitched against the fabric of his shirt as she nodded. “They’re not really my…I don’t have many friends, it would be nice to have a few, even if they are a bunch of aliens.”

Caelum laughed and subconsciously brushed his thumb against her chin. “Then please, allow me to be your first.”

New To the Series? I've got you covered!!

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