May 9, 2018

TV Recaps 2018 Part 1 #ThisIsUs #Scandal #Suits and more!

Another TV Season is coming to a close, well, the Fall/Spring season anyway. Summer TV is still going strong!

I figure I should start now because some have been off for a couple of months already if you can believe it. O.o

I think I'll do a Favorite Character(s), Favorite/Standout Moment, and thoughts for the next season (if there is one)

Possible spoilers. Fair warning!

This is Us
Beth & Randall
The flash forward and the reunion with Deja.
Now that we all know how Jack died, we can see more of how he lived.

Skinner - mostly because I never know which side he's really on.
The mostly silent episode with the crazy Maximum Overdrive electronics and AIs.
If Skully isn't back for the next season, I probably won't be watching.

Will & Grace
Jack - always Jack.
I really thought they were going to put Jack and Will together. Personally, I think it makes the most sense, they actually put up with each other and have each other's backs all the time. *shrug*
I'll always watch this show, it's hilarious and relevant.

Legends of Tomorrow
It's hard for me to pick one because the team really is one in my eyes, but I guess I'll have to say Amaya was my fave this season.
I loved the moment where Damien went all noble and saved his daughter.
This show is so much fun, I'm excited to see a more magical season with Constantine on the show now.

The Walking Dead
Carol will always be my favorite.
This season for me was better than the last but I wish they'd edit the episodes better and show us more characters per episode rather than focusing on one.
I'm hoping the end next season because I'm a little tired of this show now. (Sorry!)

Ralph and Sylvester
I hate lazy conflict writing. I hate when the conflict is so dumb it can be fixed with two actual verbal sentences. I understand why it's needed, without tension most stuff is boring, but I could have come up with fourteen different things to cause conflict between Paige and Walter without throwing Florence into the mix. Lazy!
This is one of those shows where I fast forward sometimes when it gets annoying.

Black Lightning
I'm not tired of the superhero shows yet and think Black Lightning was a great addition to the lineup. I love that it revolves around an imperfect family. I love how timely it is, too, with social issues.
I hope they keep the 16 episode per season, keeps the writing tighter and pace faster.

It wasn't much of a Huck season for the final season, but Huck got his Olivia back, so as long as he's happy, I'm okay with the ending. I honestly wasn't sure how they were going to get the White Hat back on Olivia's head, but I think they did a good job overall, given how dark it got there for a while. No new season here. I'll miss you, Scandal.

Mike & Harvey
Which is no longer a thing now. :-( I'm heartbroken to hear that Patrick Adams isn't coming back next season, he really is the heart and soul of that show. As much as I love Donna and Lewis, the banter and the cases that Mike & Harvey had constantly kept me engaged. I don't like the new additions to the cast yet, but I will probably give them the benefit of the doubt and check it out. At the very least to see if Donna and Harvey get together.

So, what was your favorite season/series finale so far?

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