May 18, 2018

TV Recaps 2018 Part 2 #Lucifer #Arrow #SWAT

Blog #2 is here! We had a few more finales this week. Did your favorite show get canceled? I'm a little bummed about Lucifer, but not surprised. Procedural Cop shows are a time a dozen, so I'm sure another stupid cop show will take it's place.

For this Recap I'm doing Favorite Character(s), Favorite/Standout Moment, and thoughts for the next season (if there is one).

Would love to hear what you think!

Possible spoilers. You've been warned.

Lucifer & Maze
I love pretty much every scene Maze is in and I love her interactions with Linda. I didn't really buy her reasoning for being SO mad at her and Amenadiel, but other than that this was my favorite season. And of course, it's canceled. I think the biggest problem was the lack of chemistry between Lucifer and Chole. I just didn't feel like they were a good match as characters at all. I would have preferred the actress playing Linda to be Chole, I think that may have helped.

I wasn't a big fan of the Jack storyline at first, but I love what they did with his character and I hope he sticks around next season. I pretty much hated everything on Apocalypse world after Kevin bit the big one, but it was great seeing all our old favorites come back again. Gabriel is a great character. I love him!
I'm super excited to see a different character inside of the Dean meatsuit. That will be fun to watch next season.

Oliver & Quinten (RIP)
Diaz is an OK bad guy. I didn't really think his reasonings were all that great and he seemed a little cray-cray without really explaining why. I get he was tortured as a kid, still does not make a convincing bad guy without a little more depth. I'm also kinda pissed they didn't get rid of him yet. Meh.
Oliver being in jail should be fun. Prison Fight!

Hondo & Deacon
Yes, yes, I know it's technically a procedural cop show, but not really. It's not the same type of case every week, it's different, and I love the messaging and hope and community it conveys to the audience.

Big Bang Theory
Sheldon & Amy
The wedding was cute. It was a good, fun season. I'm glad they keep Stuart around, he's hilarious.

I'll probably do one more for this month and then a Summer TV Blog later on this year. Stay tuned! xo

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