November 30, 2018

#NewRelease #Sale & #Giveaway!!

New Release Giveaway & Sale!

Book Two is here!! To help me celebrate the new release I've made Book 1 99cents through December. Do you have friends who love Gargoyles or Magic or Post-Apocalyptic settings? Share my book with them or tell them about my giveaway!!

Zorin had hoped Mergan’s imprisonment in the Mirror Realm would set him free, but her presence pervades everything, even his mind. Every day that passes, her taunts and control strengthen, testing his newly realized feelings for Cyndra. Although the island has been a refuge, he must convince Cyndra and Rune to leave, once again, to find the remaining casters on the mainland before it’s too late.

Cyndra’s growing elemental powers continue to test her bond with Zorin, making it difficult to stay on their mission to save everyone stuck in the mirror. Old friends and new memories help Cyndra come to terms with her traumatic past, but when Zorin is trapped in the very prison he has protected for twenty-five years, Cyndra will sacrifice everything to save him and heal the world.

Crystal Casters: Awakening – Book 1

When Cyndra inherits a strange box containing a journal and crystal pendant, she’s thrust into a dangerous, forgotten world of casters. Seeking answers, she meets a ‘gargoyle’ named Zorin who promises the truth about the past and hope for the future.


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