December 12, 2018

2018 Fall TV Recap - #DoctorWho #TheGoodPlace #ThisIsUs & More

I know, I know, I haven't done any recaps in a while. I won't bore you with the details, it's been a rough year for most of us, so what better way to have fun than to talk about TV stuff?

How about I do this format: TV show, Fave Character(s), Fave Moment, and predictions for next year? That sounds good! I'll cover my favorites that have gone on break.


Let's start with CBS - I don't watch much on this network anymore.

Big Bang Theory
Favorite Character - Amy and Bernadette
Favorite moment - Honestly, it was in the last episode aired when Sheldon got the video of young Sheldon. That moment alone where he said "Thanks, Dad" was great.
Prediction - Raj will get married toward the end or in the finale and one of the couples will move away after a job transfer.

Favorite Character - Hondo's whole team.
Favorite moment - I love the action sequences in this show. It's like Shemar was made for this role. I really liked the SWAT training episodes with Street, and I feel like he earned his stop back on the team.
Prediction - SWAT will stay awesome and do more great character building with the team.


Doctor Who
Favorite Character - Love the whole cast, I'm partial to Graham (I loved him in L&O UK)
Favorite moment - When Ryan called Graham 'grandad' it was too cute.
Predictions - We'll see some old classic villains next season, but it seems like we have to wait another year. Meh.


The Good Place

Favorite Character - Janet
Favorite Moment - Also came in the last episode with all the characters looking like Janet. Wow, that was amazing. The twist at the end was mind blowing and I can't wait for it to come back. It's one of my favorite shows this year.
Predictions - Michael and the gang will make contact with "The Creator" of the Good & Bad Places, who I think will be the boss of The Judge.

This Is Us
Favorite Character - Jack
Favorite Moment - Rebecca singing to Jack after her failed audition. It was a sweet and tender moment and I love when Jack gets emotional. Okay, really I just love man tears. MAN TEARS! LOL
Predictions - Randall and Beth ARE FINE THEY BETTER BE FINE OMG DON'T DO THIS TO ME and he gets elected.

Blindspot (I know I have one more ep to go)
Favorite Character - and Paterson
Favorite moment - Every time the two of them are on screen together. They're fantastic. I don't really like Remi and hope they figure this Zip stuff out soon because I like her better as Jane.
Predictions - Remi will become Jane again and we'll finally find out that Zapata is working deep undercover for Interpol or something crazy like that.

Will & Grace
Favorite Character - Jack
Favorite moment - When he channeled Rosita in front of Karen. lol
Predictions - Will gets a boyfriend.

Agents of SHIELD hasn't come back yet and apparently the only other show I watch there is Shark weird. Moving on!

The CW

Legacies - I honestly tried my best not to watch any new shows, but to me, this is a spin-off, so it's not really new new, right?
Favorite Character - Alaric
Favorite Moment - I loved the pilot, that's probably why I've stuck around. It was funny and touching and a great start to the show.
Prediction - We'll see a couple cameos in the back half of the season and maybe Ric will be happy? LOL Kidding, they'll never let him be happy.

Legends of Tomorrow
Favorite Character - I'm loving the whole cast this year, but for some reason, Mick stands out.
Favorite Moment - When Mike the Spike jumped into the Stein puppet. OMG lol
Predictions - Nate is going to take over his father's job and this show will stay bonkers and my favorite!

Since Elseworlds if the mid-season break for Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl, I'm going to watch it again over the weekend and do a proper recap. It's probably my favorite thing on TV this year!!

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