September 27, 2019

Summer TV Recap 2019 - #Euphoria #Suits #Killjoys #SYTYCD & More!

Well it's been a fun and sad Summer TV season for me. Two of my favorite shows (most of them are my favorites) ended this summer. I only picked up one new shows though I attempted more that didn't stick. I'll go over them too.

I hope you all had a great summer.

I promise to try blogging more now that I've settled into my new job!!

FYI - Spoilers.

I'm warning you!


Stranger Things
I love this show. I love the 80s nostalgia. I love the cast. I love the story. I know Hopper is alive, because as a writer, you have to kill your main characters ON SCREEN (unless the actors pass away or get fired or something) otherwise no one will believe it. I'm excited to see how it ends and I love shows that know exactly when to finish their stories.

Agents of SHIELD
Thank goodness we get one more season! The only reason I decided to watch this show was because I loved Clark Gregg's Coulson so much, I knew it wouldn't be disappointed in any show he was on, and I was right. I have no idea if the writers planned the last three season or retconned some of the plot, but however they did it, it worked for me. I love intricate and complex plots that make you think back to earlier seasons. They way they brought back Coulson was amazing and I can't wait for this last season, it's going to be amazing! More Time Travel!!

Blood & Treasure
I didn't have any expectations for this, but seeing Oded Fehr in the cast gave me hope. Although he was playing a bad guy, who seemed a stereotypical type, it turned out to be a little more interesting than that and I really loved the whole Indianan Jones/Mummy archaeology vibe. The Big Bad Reveals, yep there was more than one, were pretty good and I didn't see one of them coming! It got picked up for another season, so I'll probably keep watching it.

Veronica Mars
Kristen Bell is a treasure. I love her banter with Enrico Colantoni. I was a little shocked with how the season ended, but the mystery part of the season was pretty good and kept me guessing.

So You Think You Can Dance
I will never stop watching this show as long as they keep putting it on TV. The obvious winner was obvious from the start of the live shows, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying ALL the dancers and Robert always comes back, so that makes me happy. He's my favorite dancer. Travis is my favorite choreographer.

If you told me I'd enjoy watching a show about Teenagers doing a bunch of drugs and having really not cool relationships with each other and...well...others...I probably would have said you're crazy. However, Zendaya is fascinating to watch. That girl has talent. I'm looking forward to see what she does next.

I tried. I made it two episodes I think? Interesting idea, just fell flat for me.

I never planned on watching this, but I checked out the pilot. It was funny, just not something I want to spend my time watching.

This was the final season and I was super happy to see them back in court for a few of the episodes. Seeing Harvey and Mike in court during the first couple of seasons was my second favorite part of this show. I'm glad they brought him back for one last bit of court drama. The banter, of course, was the best part. I enjoyed the finale, even if it was a bit of cheesy fan services. I think we deserved it. I even had a dream I became Donna's Donna and moved with her and Harvey to Seattle. LOL

Another final season show for me. Killjoys has my favorite Ashmore twin and the wonderful Hannah John-Kamen who most people probably know as Ghost from Ant-Man and the Wasp. She is so badass and her character arch is probably one of my favorites in the last ten years or so. I was literally floored when her "origin story" was revealed. I loved it so much I gushed on twitter to the showrunner and she followed me back! lol Killjoys not only had a great story, but a wonderfully diverse cast and I really don't think another show like this will come around for a while. The ending was perfect and even left it open for a movie or two in the future. Pretty Please!

They canceled this show. I can't talk about it. My heart is broken. LOBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Special Shout Outs

When They See Us - is painful and terrifying and fascinating and a must watch.

PBS Country Music - I didn't realize how much country music I actually knew. This was a wonderful history listen about Country Music and America. It's 100% worth watching.


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Annymousjkr said...

Writers do make the world a better place

Lisa Troy said...
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Lisa Troy said...

I really enjoyed Blood&Treasure and more than expected. The show didn't take itself too seriously and it had awesome banter. Plus the MC's chemistry didn't hurt.
What can I say about Stranger Things... A genre on it's own. Love the music, the '80s feel, Hopper!
Killjoys was an awesome show. Amazing plot, irreverent twists and I cant help but wonder what they could've done with a bigger budget.
I was disappointed by the new VM season. Veronica has always been snarky and seen things black or white but she has never been cruel and mean...until now. I fail to believe a woman who was roofied and raped would do drugs, the pizza guy did it was a ridiculous plot line and Logan's death was just done so badly, just for the shock factor.
I'm sad about Krypton too but I really saw no chemistry between Seg and Lyta.
I love Suits but it had stopped being a show about lawyers and I'm glad it stopped before becoming boring.