April 16, 2008

More TV and writing...stuff.

Well, I got Ali right for the Biggest Loser. Let’s hope I can do the same for American Idol. David Cook should win. Hands down, he’s the most talented guy on the show. (And while I’m at it, James for Survivor.)

Can I just start off by saying…I don’t like Mariah Carey. Yes, she can sing her ass off, and yes, I like a FEW of her songs, but really…I can’t stand her. So, I was very upset with AI last night, but I watched it anyway.

Simon was right; the boys did much better than the girls. I have a feeling Brook(e) will be going home tonight. I think that sucks because she’s better than Kristie Lee Cook…she just started performing well…bleh. I have a feeling David Archeletta will win because of all the little girls voting. He forgot his words the first week; he should have been gone then.

Advice to you little girls out there: It’s not a cuteness competition, it’s singing/performing!

I watched the season finale of New Amsterdam too. Short season, but it was a test run for the show. I hope it did well enough to come back. I think, perhaps next season, John should meet a female cursed immortal and SHE’s the one, but she has some other obligation to fulfill before her curse is lifted and thus can’t be with John. Ha! That would be awesome.

I hate when good shows get the can. This year is probably the worst for my TV viewing pleasure. Jericho, Journeyman, Bionic Woman (it was growing on me), 4400, Dead Zone, Battlestar is done after this season too.

Last year wasn’t much better. The War at Home, Knights of Prosperity, Standoff, Studio 60…

It amazes me how these TV studios will spend so much money on pilots and scripts and making episodes, put the shit on for a season and expect the ratings to be spectacular. Maybe they should realize that more people are buying seasons and watching them on DVD and Tivo but still watching! Grr. I don’t follow the ratings very closely, but I bet ER and Law and Order didn’t start off with great ratings. Only reality shows seem to get large ratings right off the bat.

And as soon as the TV execs start to see the ratings slip, they freak the hell out. OMG only 3.5 million people instead of 4 million are watching LOST. Duh, for real? Do they honestly believe that the ratings companies are that dead on? I don’t. I know that a fraction of households in the US participate in ratings and it’s just multiplied by population. I don’t belong to Nielsen, but I do have a ratings type thing going on with Arbitron. It records what I watch and listen to on the radio. I wonder if those ratings are added to Nielsen’s. Doesn’t make sense, to me, to guesstimate how many people are watching something. People without cable probably aren’t even considered in those counts.

I know many people who watch the shows during the summer too. That’s what I did for Criminal Minds two years ago. I initially watched the first episode. (I’ve been a Mandy Patankin fan since I was 5, long story) I loved it, but there was something else I watched at the time and I didn’t have DVR, so I waiting until the summer to catch the reruns. It worked out perfectly, saw all the ones I missed and was ready for the new season when September rolled around.

Last TV season my DVR was full. These days, my DVR is kinda bare. I recorded the John Adam’s mini series on HBO, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. It looked good, and I love the cast…eventually, I’ll get to it.

Normally, having less to watch on TV, I would be writing more. However, I think I’ve come to the decision not to continue working on Lucky # 3. I don’t have an agent for it. I don’t have a publisher for it. I would hate to finish # 3, get some kind of deal thing going and only be able to write three books for Lucky. I could stretch out the story to four, maybe five books if needed, but what happens if I get a three book deal, which seems to be the norm for larger publishers?

Okay, let me dream here for a minute, will ya?

I would have to go back to it, revamp the majority of the book from the middle to the end to make the series as a whole work. I know exactly what I want to do, where I want to go, and how I’m going to get to the end, end. I could just write is as a three part series and call it a day, but I really like the way I’ve planned it out so far. Four books would be just fine by me and I’d have the conclusion I really want. If I have to do it in three, # 3 is going to long and very emotionally draining for both me and Lucky. I’d do it, if I had to…

So, for now, I think I’m going to work on a new project and put Lucky to the side. I’ve written down the parts of the story that wouldn’t leave my head, so they aren’t bothering me anymore. I won’t abandon Lucky, but I think it’s best I work on other (stand alone) projects.

I’m very upset about it. I just can’t seem to justify putting more effort into the story if I’m having such a hard time getting it in front of people who will help me get it published. I could always go with an ebook publisher, there are a ton of reputable ones out there now. But, that’s not what I want.

Maybe I’ll go back and finish the SynthMale story I was working on for Nano. I know how I wanted it to end, I stopped writing when it was getting to the climatic tension and something wasn’t working. I’ve put it aside long enough; I think I might revisit it and see what went wrong.

I’m working up a profile for my newest character idea. I don’t have much, but it’ll come together by the end of this weekend, I think. I also have a few other ideas floating around in my head, as well as several outlines and notes for other stories.

I read a blog post recently about debut authors over 50. “They” say it’s possible. If I have to wait another 20 years to “make it”, I guess I’ll have no other choice because I refuse to give up, damn it!

Seriously though, I hope it doesn’t take that long.

I’m off to watch the debate. Whee!

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