January 21, 2009

Hump Day. No, not Hump me! Well, maybe...

Yesterday was a great day.

I watched President Obama's speech at my trainer's house during lunch. I've yet to check if he wrote it himself, but I'm sure he did. He's that kinda guy. Great speech too. Some lines really touched my heart. Well done.

I finished a short story! It sorta just came to me so I went with it. Has the makings of the premise for a novel. Could be interesting.

I'd post it, but it's naughty. lol I have to polish it up first, then I'm actually going to submit it. Whee!

American Idol is so fun to watch. No matter how bad a day you have, if you watch AI you can't help but laugh. I love how much the new chick fights with Simon. You won't win girl, give it up. Nothing rattles the Si-Man.

OMFG LOST is on tonight. And Lie to me. And Criminal Minds. What's a pop culture freak to do? Record two of them and watch one in someone elses room. Grr. Stinky, but I'll manage. I hope.

I haven't watched Fringe from last night. I may have time when I get home from the gym. Great show, I hope it sticks around for a while.

One of my friends just emailed me about a new book. Guess what its about? Female assassin. GRR! Granted this chick works for the mafia, so it's already different...but still! How the hell are writers supposed to come up with something new? It's all been done, damn it!

I've put Lucky away for a week or so. I'm doing my best to NOT read it over and over and over again. I know I need to read through whole series again, but I have to clean up # 3 first. Then the others. Fun!

On the suggestion of another friend, I won't be writing to the editors and agents who have my stuff until February. I tend to listen to my friends when they feel passionate about something. Maybe it'll help me be a little uh...luckier in the future. (sorry, bad pun)

I only watched the last hour of Biggest Loser last night. Very surprised they kept Joelle. She's got a 'tude.

I'm wearing clothes that fit me. I'm looking pretty cute....I think. Maybe I will find a nice guy this year after all!

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