September 16, 2016

An exciting (not really) day in the life of an author with a full time job...

Wanting to be a full-time author and working at an EDJ full time is not fun. You have to do three jobs at the very least four or five if you have a family at home, which I don't, unless you count the dogs.

7AM or earlier - Wake up to a dog whimpering in my bedroom. Go to the lavatory to you...know. Then put on sneakers or something and walk the dogs, yes, in my PJs because I don't care. lol

7:30AM Give dogs snacks, check emails and social media and put on the news, then shower and get ready for work.

8:20AM - Arrive at the EDJ. Check work email. Open Facebook. Schedule promos for myself and two publishing houses and share for friends on various pages or profiles. Check the status of my ads if any are running to see how they're doing. Check out my Publisher & Writer groups for any new releases or new promos to share. Check novelrank to see if any of my books are selling. If I see a sale, I usually go and post a few extra promos. If I don't see sales, I usually go and post a few extra promos. LOL

9AM Start work.

10:30AM - Take a quick 15 minute break to post some more promos and check social media for any messages. Check novelrank to see if any of my books are selling.

12PM Lunchtime! Ha! Post Lunchtime fun on my page, post a few more promos if I have the time, eat my lunch, check for messages.Check novelrank to see if any of my books are selling.

3PM - Another quick 15 minute break to post some promos. Check novelrank to see if any of my books are selling.

5PM - Head home. Sometimes walk the dogs when I get in, if not, it's straight to the bedroom to put the PJs back on!

5:30PM - Check emails and messages, post some more promos, check and like posts on Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr (every other day) because I don't use these as often as the others. Check novelrank to see if any of my books are selling.

6:30PM - Dinner and the Daily Show (usually) or the News.

7:30PM - Post more promos, check the status of my ads if I'm running any.

8PM Walk the dogs again.

8:30PM - This all depends on the day and if there is any TV shows on. I will usually post more promos, check messages and emails and either settle in for some editing, writing or TV watching.

10:30PM (if I'm writing, this could be 11 or 12 or even 1 if I'm lucky) Get ready for bed, which includes checking novelrank once more, posting promos, checking to see if anyone needs promo shares, then go to bed,

On the weekends I tend to do more promos and writing as well as website updates, searching for more posters for promo, making promos, or book trailers or set up blogs if I have any while also trying to take some time to visit with friends or family or just have some Jenn time. :-)

Exciting, huh?


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