November 1, 2016

10 Things I Learned Sitting in the ER for 8 hours...

Well, my weekend was fun. I spent most of the day Sunday in the ER with a sick relative. I learned more than I wanted to. Here's what I took away.

1. Nurses and Orderlies and all the support staff are AMAZING. They probably don't make anything near what they are worth.

2. If you don't have any insurance, they keep you in the hallway with no privacy. Hey, you have to pee? Here's a blanket, do it while 25 people walk by you. I'm sure this is hospital policy, and I understand they do this to keep costs down for both sides, but really? Not even a curtain for a bit of privacy? Nope.

3. If you DO have insurance you get a private room with a TV and a bunch of monitors monitoring you and a few chairs for visitors and something to drink and something to eat and people checking on you every 15 minutes. Hmm, that probably costs WAY more than the hallway option, which means the insurance companies get a much bigger bill to cover. Could this be yet another reason our health care costs are so outrageous?

4. Doctors are highly overrated in a non-Trauma Emergency situation. They stop by for 5 seconds then disappear for hours. Or maybe it's because there was no insurance involved?

5. There was so little security in this particular hospital, which I won't name, I came up with two plot bunnies in the first ten minutes of being there and they weren't happy plot bunnies.

6.  Don't expect a complete diagnosis in a hospital. For this particular case, the Doctors didn't tell the patient what was wrong, they said a follow up with a specialist was needed. Again,  could this be the whole insurance thing? Maybe? I mean I can't figure out how a hospital can't tell you what's wrong with you but a doctor with less equipment in an office can. Maybe it's just me?

7. "You'll be discharged soon." Means two hours from when they told you.

8. This hospital was one of the most diverse places I've ever been to. Men and women of all backgrounds worked here. I thought that was lovely and should be normal in every state.

9. People should be banned from wearing cologne or perfume when going to visit people in the hospital. I must have sneezed 85 times. LOL!

10. Yes, we should all be grateful that we have hospitals and charity care and hospital staffs that actually care. We honestly have a very good healthcare system in this country.  I can tell you, this particular hospital is probably one of best ones out there but some of their policies are terrible. Not sure what can be done about that, but something should. I know we can do better. We need to, hopefully someday soon.

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