December 8, 2016

#DoctorWho is a Superhero and I can prove it!

I've honestly had this debate with people online and off the last month or so. I figured why not just write a blog about it. Here you go.

The Doctor is a Superhero. I can prove it.

1. He's an Alien just like Superman.

2. He's got an awesome vehicle to get around in like Wonder Woman or Batman.

3. He got superpowers. No, you say? I say YES! He can knock his head against yours and share memories. He can regenerate parts of or his whole body. He understands every language out there via the TARDIS. That's only a few.

4. He wears a costume and rarely changes it except from one regeneration to the next.

5. He's got an alias, we don't even know his given name.

6. He has a supervillain foe, The Master, who's always trying to thwart him.

7. He doesn't think of himself as a superhero, which is the same for many comic book superheroes, but he has a bunch of groupies and people who worship him.

8. He doesn't kill maliciously, or at all if possible.

9. He's got super gadgets like the Sonic Screwdriver.

and last of all 10. He's always running around saving people, especially children.

So there.

I win. 😉

Nuff said. ♡

LOL! Hope you're all looking forward to the Christmas Special like me!! Looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.

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